OHL Prospect Profile: Ranvir Gill

– Ranvir Gill –

Ottawa Jr. Senators (HEO) | Right Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

6-foot-1, 174-pounds | June 17th, 2003

Ranvir Gill is a rangy two-way defenceman with considerable offensive upside and incredible skill in the defensive zone. A smooth snd shifty skater, Gill can skate his way out of trouble and excels at transitioning the play up ice. With incredible vision of the rink, combined with impressive poise with the puck, Gill displays one of the best first passes in this year’s draft class.

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A member of the HEO’s Ottawa Jr. Senators, Gill’s numbers speak for themselves. He leads all OHL Draft eligible defencemen in points by a wide margin and has been logging huge minutes in key situations all years long. Gill further shone at the recent Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic as a member of the Ottawa Ambassadors, proving his ability to thrive amongst top competition.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Puck Handling
  • Poise & Sense

An elite puck handler, Gill can move the play up ice as well as anyone, utilizing a reliable and effective first pass that is always hard and on the tape. Once Gill gains possession of the puck, it’s extremely tough for opponents to get it back. He exhibits excellent poise and agility in order to fend off opposing forwards and skate away pressure.

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Quick and agile on his feet, Gill reads developing plays exceptionally well and has the confidence to join the rush when it’s beneficial to do so. Showcasing high-end offensive potential, Gill further shows off his poise along the attacking blue line, walking the line to create lanes and making wise decisions as to whether to pass the puck or fire it on net to create scoring opportunities.

Area of Improvement:

  • Physicality & Aggressiveness

With a large frame and considerable strength, Gill has the potential the join the physical side of the game more often than he chooses to. He displays the ability to box out opponents and knock players off of the puck, but doesn’t necessarily go out of his way to deliver a booming body check if there is an opportunity to use his stick instead.

On the same side of the game, Gill may have more to gain by playing a more aggressive style, attacking opponents on the rush with authority and uses his long reach to disrupt passing lanes. Given his tremendous poise with the puck, aggressiveness may never be the route that Gill opts to take, and given his exceptional talent level, that could be just fine.

Future Potential:

Ranvir Gill has showcased elite-level talent all year long, especially through his abilities in the defensive zone, where he displays incredible poise with the puck and a knack for transitioning the play up ice. He isn’t afraid to join the rush to create odd-man opportunities, and is an intelligent decision-maker from the offensive blue line.

The top defenceman from the HEO, Gill’s combination of skating, intelligence, and offensive potential make him an intriguing prospect to consider. Expect Gill’s name to be called sometime early in the second round at the 2019 OHL Draft.

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