OHL Prospect Profile: Bradley Banach

– Bradley Banach –

Mississauga Reps (GTHL) | Left-Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario, Canada | 6-foot, 155-pounds | 2003-born

Despite a furious push to conclude the 2018-19 GTHL campaign, the Mississauga Reps fell just short of the postseason. However, the Reps’ season was not a lost one by any means, as a number of the team’s players progressed significantly and have become well-rounded and highly valuable prospects ahead of the 2019 OHL Draft.

Of the lot, Bradley Banach is one youngster whose game continued to impress as the regular season unravelled. A stable and decisive skater who plays a strong and knowledgable two-way game, Banach could prove to be a steal in the upcoming OHL Draft given his projection as a mid-to-late round selection.


  • Skating Speed and Stability
  • Playmaking Skills
  • Shot Release
  • Two-Way Abilities

As mentioned above, Banach is a sturdy skater who has no issue traversing the ice in all three zones. Difficult to knock off of the puck and able to separate from his attackers owing to his speed, Banach can push the pace of the game offensively and is fairly consistent in his ability to do so.

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Further, there are Banach’s individual abilities on the ice. Although a pass-first player who loves to move the puck to his teammates, Banach also features a deceptive shot which has the ability to surprise and cleanly beat opposing netminders. Not afraid to drive hard to the net either, Banach will do whatever it takes to contribute to his team’s success.

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This drive to win is where the true value lays in Banach’s game. Willing to block shots, stick up for his teammates, and play in a variety of roles, Banach stands as a well-rounded player at both ends of the ice who logs a substantial amount of playing time as a direct result.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Assertiveness Offensively
  • Defensive Physicality

When it comes to Banach’s game, there are areas for improvement in the years ahead.

Firstly, there is Banach’s assertiveness within the attacking zone. Although he is a strong playmaker of solid vision, Banach would do well to be slightly more selfish at times and utilize his heavy shot on a more frequent basis. Even if unable to beat a goaltender, Banach’s shot has the ability to generate rebounds and create a greater number of offensive opportunities for he and his teammates.

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Secondly, and lastly, there is Banach’s physicality within his defensive zone. Given his solid frame, Banach would do well to use his size in order to bump and dispossess his opponents. At times too reliant on the use of his stick, a combination of physicality and a well-placed poke-check would serve Banach well as he pesters and diffuses his attackers.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Banach has the skill-set necessary to develop into a capable two-way player at the next-level. Although there is certainly room for improvement within his game, Banach holds a great deal of skill and talent which should translate well in the years ahead.


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