OHL Prospect Profile: Ethan Burroughs

– Ethan Burroughs –

Halton Hurricanes (SCTA) | Right Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Georgetown, Ontario | 5-foot-10, 161-pounds | June 17th, 2003

Ethan Burroughs is arguably the most pure and natural goal scorer in the SCTA this year. As a member of the first seed Halton Hurricanes, Burroughs has consistently been the team’s offensive catalyst, providing scoring opportunities in more ways than one. His Minor Midget success has earned him invaluable experience in both Midget and Jr. A over the course of the 2018-19 season.

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Burroughs displays impressive high-end speed with solid agility as well. He is able to control the puck with ease at top speeds on the rush and can often make defenders look silly with inside-out moves. However, it’s his shot and knack for the net which will make one lucky OHL team thankful for years to come.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Shot
  • Puck Skills

Burroughs is as consistent a goal-scorer as they come. They may not always be highlight-reel goals, but he always finds a way to get the job done. Burroughs led the SCTA in goal scoring during the regular season, scoring 30 goals in 31 games. His shot is incredibly accurate, picking corners and holes with ease, while his release, quick and powerful, is equally impressive.

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Burroughs is also a speedy prospect, with impressive lateral agility, he is able to keep defenders on their heels and beat them while flat-footed. An efficient stride combined with quick and creative hands, Burroughs is able to beat opponents one-on-one, or slip through traffic like a hot knife through butter. He is also very effective on breakaways, utilizing either his lethal snap shot or his eye-catching hands to beat goaltenders.

Area of Improvement:

  • Aggression & Physicality

Burroughs is a relatively average-sized forward, but he seems to avoid the physical aspects of the game at times. With good lower-body strength, Burroughs would be able to hold his own in board battles for the puck, but often looks to dig the puck free instead of using his frame and strength to gain body position on his opponent.

A pure goal-scorer, Burroughs is definitely thinking about other aspects of the game over when to throw a check, but he would do well to be a little more aggressive on loose pucks in order to force more turnovers and maintain possession of the puck. This is just a small area of Burroughs’ game, and certainly not the most important one, but remains an aspect to think about for the future.

Future Potential:

A lethal offensive machine, Burroughs can turn a dull play into a legitimate scoring chance within seconds. He has showcases impressive agility and explosiveness over the course of the season and is a wizard with the puck. He can use his hands and creativity to make defenders look silly, and use his accurate shot to find the back of the net with ease.

The top goal scorer in the SCTA, Burroughs should be one of the first players selected from his league at the 2019 OHL Draft. A rare breed who consistently impacts the game in positive ways, Burroughs will get some serious consideration in the second round of the Priority Selection.

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